Bigal River Biological Reserve

In response to rapid and chaotic land-development encroaching upon the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve (one of eight designated BR in Ecuador), The Sumac Muyu Foundation established the Bigal River Biological Reserve (BRBR) in 2008, and has been working to protect the unique flora and fauna of the Volcan Sumaco area ever since.

Nestled next to the Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, the reserve lies in the middle of the Bigal-Payamino corridor, a stunning tract of old-growth foothill forests with some of the highest levels of biodiversity and endemism in the world, and an important land bridge between the lowlands to the east and the highlands to the west.

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Due to a confluence of factors, including prevailing winds from the Amazon and high levels of rain, as well as the unbroken forest, BRBR is host to a unique community of flora and fauna, with species normally only found at highland locales freely associating with those normally only found at lowland sites.  The unique assemblage is a thrill to both scientists and wild-life enthusiasts.

While most of our facilities are located in the western portion of the reserve, at 950 meters asl, we have recently expanded the reserve eastward towards the lowlands, and now own lands as low as 500 meters asl.  Sometime in the future we hope to open a lodge in these lowlands, allowing for new discoveries at a new altitude.  

Bigal River Biological reserve is open to visitors with many interests, including scientists conducting research, students studying tropical biology, volunteers working on citizen science projects, world-birders and other wild-life enthusiasts, and cultural historians studying the rich History of the area. In addition to our main research station, we also have a variety of cabins, as well as rustic platforms to accommodate those interested in camping, and serve three meals per day. We welcome you to Jungle home.  

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