For those looking to go off the grid and disconnect from all their devices, we offer Jungle Trekking expeditions.  Led by experienced forest guides, these expeditions will take you off the beaten path into the heart of the Sumaco wilderness, where you will find nothing but lush tropical forests, unspoiled rivers, and pristine waterfalls; and where you will sleep in specially designed jungle platforms, surrounded by the mysterious night-time sounds of the jungle, and the rumble of distant thunder.  

The experience of a lifetime, away from civilization, that will reconnect you to Nature.

Expeditions vary in length, form a few days to a full week, and will be led by local guides who will take you to different elevations, each with unique flora and fauna.

Contact us us for more details, and contract the Jungle itinerary that meets your needs. 

Mail To : sumacmuyu@gmail.com

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