Andrew Spencer and Taylor Brooks

So little is known about the flora and fauna within old-growth forests where the Andes meet the Amazon, and we encourage scientific research of the complex communities of all orders and families that make up these forests. 

Whether you are interested in taxonomic questions, or Functional analyses, or in the effects of climate change on the community, we invite scientists to come spend time in the field at BRBR.

Paul Hamilton
Florida Museum of Natural History

The reserve offers unrivalled old-growth forest, a good network of trails, facilities for data collecting and monitoring, as well as simple accommodations and plentiful good food.

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University of British Colombia - Canada

Wayne Maddison

«A beautiful experience and scientifically productive time at the Rio Bigal Reserve. I came to sample biodiversity of salticids and found everything I’d hoped for and more. A surprisingly good representation of the lowland forest fauna for an elevation of around 1000 meters. The forest is pristine and full of marvels of all sorts, from monkeys to terrestrial flatworms, and the diversity of micro habitats is impressive. The camp was comfortable, well-run, with very good food, and a good work table for processing scientific specimens.»

Fundación Sumac Muyu
Reserva Biológica del Rio Bigal
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