The Bigal River Biological Reserve is a paradise for those looking for a wilderness experience in the rainforest.  In addition to Scientists conducting research and world birdwatchers tracking down rare and endemic birds, RBBR can be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in nature and a sense of adventure.  

We can guide you as you pursue any number of interests, both during the day and at night.  The most popular activities involve observing, photographing and/or tracking a variety of wildlife: birds, butterflies, monkeys and other large mammals are best observed during the day, while reptiles and amphibians, as well as a host of nocturnal insects, can best be encountered on night hikes.

We have an extensive trail system, with 30 kilometers of trails traversing the entire Bigal-Payamino corridor.  Day-long hikes to remote sites within the reserve (hidden waterfalls, scenic vistas, a salt-lick feeding ground) are usually taken with one of our experienced guides, and guided overnight treks can also be arranged (see the Jungle Trek page).  But you can also explore this magnificent forest on your own, as the main lodge is itself in undisturbed old-growth forest, and the trails in the vicinity of the main lodge are well marked and maintained.  Whatever experience you choose, 3 square meals a day will be provided, either at the lodge, or –if trekking- in the field.  

Minimum stay at the reserve is 4 days/3 nights, though we recommend a full week to completely disconnect from the world outside, and to properly settle into the rhythm of life in the wilderness.  For more information, contact us at

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