The Sumaco biosphere is recognized as one of the most diverse areas on the planet, and within the biosphere, the greatest diversity is found inside the foothill forests protected by the Bigal River Biological Reserve.  

With more than 500 species of birds, close to 200 reptiles and amphibians species, 56 large mammals, and thousands of insects, of which more than 750 butterfly species, the lush old-growth forests of Río Bigal are teeming with life, including species endemic to the eastern foothills.   

The BRBR foothills also serve as a connector between the Payamino lowlands, at 300 meters, and the Volcan Sumaco highlands, within the Sumaco Napo-Galeras National Park, and culminating at the 3732 meter summit.  

Protecting this dramatic elevational gradient is of great importance as few such intact gradients remain in the Andes today.

To view photo collections of the species found in the Reserve, visit us at flickr. Over 2200 photos available: click on  image

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